Modular Loan – Flexible Credits

In a real estate loan, the flexible option allows the borrower to readjust his repayment expenses to his finances or projects. Is this option compatible with credit consolidation?

In a real estate loan, the flexible option allows the borrower to readjust his repayment expenses to his finances or projects. Is this option compatible with credit consolidation?

What is a flexible credit?

A flexible credit is generally fixed rate, it is an option that gives the possibility to control its reimbursement expenses. This option allows the borrower to take advantage of the modularity of the amount of its maturities. In other words, it can be used to lower or increase the amount of its monthly payments according to the evolution of its income, its projects or its sudden expenses. The flexible option concerns real estate and consumer loans. However, banks and banking institutions offer this possibility within a reasonable limit that can range from 5% to 50% of the initial amount of the monthly payment. Generally, its implementation does not require a new study of real estate financing, lenders often provide a modulation on request of the borrower. However, it may be capped in the event of a sharp increase or decrease in the initial amount of maturities.

Why a flexible credit?

Given the socio-economic situation characterized by rising unemployment and job insecurity, the modulation option has become unavoidable in order to calmly repay its funding. On the cost of the loan, modulation is very important. By increasing the amount of its maturities, the repayment period is shortened, which makes it possible to optimize the cost of financing. In the event of a decline, the duration is extended, increasing the cost of financing. In all cases, the modulation must be considered, because the cost of a loan lies mainly in the duration and not only in its interest rate. Moreover, in most cases, lenders do not apply fees to the modulation of monthly payments. Some even offer it on each anniversary date of the loan. Namely that some modulations allow to postpone from 3 up to 12 monthly payments throughout the repayment period.

Can a Flexible Loan Be Repurchased?

Can a Flexible Loan Be Repurchased?

The modulation of outstandings is an option that allows to review the repayment plan of its financing. It is a credit whose borrowing rate remains fixed, but the maturities are variable. This option is more and more recommended because it offers great flexibility in terms of repayment in case of difficulties or unforeseen events. However, modulation is of little use in some cases:

  • The borrower has several outstanding loans;
  • The interest rates of its outstandings are too high;
  • Insufficient modulation ceiling

In this case the borrower can opt for credit consolidation. A flexible loan, whether real estate or consumption, can be the subject of a loan consolidation subject to eligibility of the borrower. In addition, the new loan that prepay the initial outstandings can also be flexible. Thus credit modulation is fully compatible with loan consolidation.

What databases do they check payday loans

Customer verification in a loan company

Customer verification in a loan company

Since loan companies are not subject to the Banking Law, they are not obliged to check the customer’s credit history at the Credit Information Bureau. Put simply, the person requesting a payday loan does not have to worry about not getting money if he has any problems paying off cash, car or mortgage installments, a credit card or a bank loan, and thus has a bad credit history at BIK. Although several lenders cooperate with the Credit Information Bureau, it is a small group. However, other non-bank companies do not distribute payday loans to each borrower. This is due to the fact that they give payday loans from their money, and therefore they want to recover the borrowed funds. Especially reliable non-banking companies which follow the principles of responsible lending ensure that the risk of granting payday loans is as low as possible. On the one hand, they care about their own interests. On the other – they protect the customer against excessive debt. For them, the basic way to verify which payer they are dealing with is to submit a question to BIGs, where the relevant information flows from financial institutions and various types of service providers. see for more notes

To BIG for debt over PLN 200

To BIG for debt over PLN 200

The most famous so-called The black list, where you get for non-payment of financial obligations, is KRD, or the National Register of Debtors. In addition, there are two more economic information offices – ERIF Register of Debtors (run by the debt collection company KRUK) and BIG InfoMonitor. An entry in the debtors database may appear if more than 60 days have passed since the date on which we were to pay the installment or bill, and the amount of the debt exceeds PLN 200. In the case of entrepreneurs, the debtor is the one who is in arrears with a repayment of at least PLN 500. There is only one way to disappear from an infamous base – you have to pay back the debt. It is worth adding, however, that BIG-i not only collect negative information, but also constitute a database with positive entries, i.e. information about the fact that we are reliable payers and we care about timely payment of liabilities.

What to do after paying off a big loan?

Once you have paid off the big loan, it may feel like money is junk when you no longer need to repay the loan. This can easily lead to unnecessarily freely spending money and possibly taking on new debt when the money runs out. What everyone thinks is a big loan is not really significant in this case.

For one, a big loan is a $ 2,000 credit card bill, for another, a $ 50,000 consumer credit, and for a third, only a $ 200,000 mortgage is a big loan. Instead of wondering about loan amounts, it is important to focus on what you should do after the loan is paid to keep your finances stable and avoid having to take on new debt.

Find out why



After paying off a large debt, it is essential to stop thinking about why you originally decided to borrow in order to avoid borrowing in the future. In the case of a mortgage, the reason for indebtedness is obvious, the most people buy a home with loan money, the reason for indebtedness is best to consider if the big loan is taken for a purpose other than buying a home.

It is often mistakenly thought that only reckless and irresponsible people end up borrowing. However, this is not the case, as debt is often triggered by some sort of emergency. Maybe the car suddenly broke down and required expensive maintenance, or maybe the dog had to be taken to a vet.

Due to a large unexpected expense item

Due to a large unexpected expense item


If the indebtedness was due to a large unexpected expense item, it is definitely worthwhile to start saving a small buffer fund in case of a bad day. Ideally, with a buffer fund, the next surprising expense will not have to be borrowed at all, or at least much less will be needed than without savings.

Sometimes indebtedness can be due to carelessness or indifference to the use of money. You can get a better grip on your finances, for example, by using phone applications for financial management. Those who prefer more traditional methods can try a three-priced easy budget or a traditional Excel budget. Whatever financial management tool you choose, they all help you understand where your money is going and where you could save.

Invent a new goal

Invent a new goal


When a large loan has been repaid and the money is no longer going to pay off the monthly installments of the loan, you may suddenly feel like you are spending money. The feeling of having a lot of money can easily lead to excessive consumption and buying unnecessary goods. It is by no means intended to say that an improved monetary situation should not be enjoyed, as it certainly is. However, you should not waste money on vanities, but only on things you really enjoy and enjoy.

A superfluous waste of vanity can easily be curbed by inventing an economic goal for yourself. It is entirely up to the individual, which goal motivates everyone. One may be excited about saving for a vacation, the other may be saving for retirement. Save money for whatever purpose, saving is never wasted. Also, don’t forget to save a small nest egg for a bad day.

So after paying off a large debt, it is important to do some self-examination to avoid borrowing in the future. In addition to self-study, it is a good idea to set some financial goals for yourself in order to keep your money in control. However, in addition to these boring-sounding things, there is a reason to celebrate. Being able to pay off a large debt is a great achievement to be proud of!

However, if at any point in your life borrowing becomes topical, be sure to compare the loans before making a loan decision. For small loan amounts, comparisons can save you tremendous money!

Online Loan in Any Bank – Money

On June 21, in the State Duma, in the final hearing, they adopted an amendment to the law on MFIs, in which they determined the maximum percentage of microloans issued to individuals for one calendar year.

The amendment states that microfinance organizations have the right to charge interest on microloans for one year only until the amount of interest increases and reaches three times the size of the loan itself.

If the borrower does not have time to cope with the next payment on time, the MFI is entitled to charge a penalty percentage only on the amount of the unpaid part of the principal debt. In this situation, according to the new amendments, the amount of such interest on the loan should not exceed two sizes of the outstanding part of the loan. As long as the borrower does not pay all or part of the debt or does not pay off the interest due, the lender cannot charge new interest on arrears.

Such rules will apply to contracts concluded from January 1 of the following year.

Percent on microloans at the moment

 Percent on microloans at the moment

Similar limits on interest on microloans have already been introduced since March of this year. We are talking about the common form of the loan “To paycheck”, such loans are issued for 30 days for an amount no higher than 30,000 rubles. Having issued such a microloan, a microfinance organization does not have the right to demand from the borrower an amount four times greater than the size of the principal debt.

A microloan from companies Money on house. Always favorable conditions!

Leasing loan – an alternative to credit or leasing

Leasing loans are granted by leasing companies, not banks. You can find them in the offer of the largest lessors, such as DER, Getin Leasing or LTY Leasing.

Last year, leasing companies granted loans worth PLN 7.4 billion – over 14% more than a year ago. The most frequently financed in this way are machines and other devices, including IT equipment (over 70 percent of the market) and vehicles (16.1 percent of the market is heavy transport, while nearly 9 percent are passenger, delivery and heavy vehicles up to 3, 5 t).

How is a leasing loan different from leasing and a bank loan? What are its main disadvantages and what are the advantages of this product?

Leasing loan and leasing – differences

Leasing loan and leasing - differences

After all, a leasing loan is closer to credit than to leasing. However, it has several important features with leasing.

  1. The loan is granted by leasing companies that use procedures similar to those for the evaluation of leasing applications. Thanks to this, the process of applying for a leasing loan is usually less complicated and takes less time than when applying for a bank loan. Leasing companies are also often less restrictive than banks when assessing creditworthiness.
  2. A leasing loan, just like leasing, can be used only to finance fixed assets. Therefore, we will not finance current expenses or investments such as building renovation. In such situations, a bank loan remains.

The duration of the lease loan agreement may be different than for leasing. In the case of the most popular type of leasing in our country, i.e. operational leasing, the minimum duration of the contract is 40 percent. normative amortization period, that is usually 2-3 years (it results from the regulations).

In the case of a leasing loan, there are no restrictions except those set by the lessors themselves. On the other hand, they most often declare that they can grant loans for the period from 6 months to 6-7 years.

Leasing loan and credit – similarities

Leasing loan and credit - similarities

From a financial and tax point of view, a leasing loan is treated as a loan, not as a leasing. This means that the subject financed by the leasing loan becomes the property of the borrower, not the leasing company. As a result, it is the borrower who depreciates the item (the write-off can be made once, it can also be spread over several dozen monthly installments), and also deducts VAT (once).

Another similarity to the loan is visible in the way of including monthly installments in the costs. In the case of a leasing loan, you can only include the installment interest rate as the tax cost.

VAT is not added to the leasing loan installment, while the leasing installment is increased by 23%. VAT. This means that the value of monthly receivables with a loan or credit will be lower. Unfortunately – a leasing loan, like a bank loan, reduces a company’s creditworthiness, while leasing has no effect on it.

Leasing loan – for whom?

Leasing loan - for whom?

Any company can apply for a leasing loan. Undoubtedly, however, in some situations this financing option may be particularly beneficial, in others it is worth considering operating leasing.


The leasing loan should be particularly interested in:

  • companies applying for EU subsidies,
  • farmers (including those not conducting economic activity),
  • companies that are not VAT payers,
  • companies that are seeking financing for a fixed asset taxed at 8% VAT (e.g. medical equipment).

In such cases, a leasing loan will be definitely a better option. In these situations, you can also think about a bank loan. The prices are often similar offers – the more it is worth comparing them to choose the best one. It may also happen that a company whose bank has refused financing will find it in one of the leasing companies, which usually assess their potential borrowers more gently.

Mortgage Loan Official – Mortgage Loan Simulation

For employees in the public service, the criteria for accepting a mortgage are identical to those of a private sector employee. However, government profiles can claim more attractive terms.

For employees in the public service, the criteria for accepting a mortgage are identical to those of a private sector employee. However, government profiles can claim more attractive terms.

Civil servant: the options to become owner

Public servants who want to buy a home have two options. The first is to deploy one’s own financial resources using self-financing. Given that the cost of credit is currently affordable, thanks to still very low interest rates, this remains an alternative that is not suited to the current situation. The second solution is to apply for credit by contracting a real estate loan official. The acquisition of a home requires an investment of the order of several tens to hundreds of thousands of euros in general. A substantial amount that often requires the use of a financial institution to help a household to carry out its real estate purchase project.

Make a simulation online mortgage real estate official

Before embarking on a financing phase, the home must carry out a preparatory phase by gathering as much information as possible about its needs. This loan has the particularity of being depreciable over the long term since the repayment period of the monthly payments lasts between 10 to 30 years in general.

It is therefore a long-term and highly responsible commitment. A feasibility study is feasible by carrying out a free and non-binding civil servant mortgage simulation using the online form. This phase provides an initial insight into the feasibility of the project. Subsequently, an expert advisor makes contact to study more deeply the demand for mortgage credit.

Get the best mortgage rate when evaluating the borrower profile

In the analysis, the financial institution takes into account a multitude of characteristics related to the property to be purchased. But criteria relating to the personal situation of the borrower are also evaluated as his income, his wealth, his age and his state of health. As a result, a borrower must have a good profile to obtain attractive financing conditions. For this, the correct income as well as the proof of a good management of the budget are arguments to negotiate to valorize with the credit organization. Based on these two groups of information, an offer is formulated with an interest rate that takes into account the rate of wear practiced in the last quarter. Indeed, this indicator, provided by the Banque de France, caps the maximum interest rate that a finance professional can offer to his client. In addition, mortgage loans can incorporate a fixed interest rate or a floating rate.

The borrower insurance to ensure the mortgage

The borrower insurance to ensure the mortgage

In the vast majority of cases, the lender asks that the future owner subscribe to a borrower insurance. Although this is not a legal requirement, this product remains essential to ensure repayment of credit in the event of default. The conditions of coverage are determined by the guarantees and the share subscribed by the household during the formation of the contract. They will then determine the insurance premium that the borrower will have to pay monthly in addition to his monthly loan payment. This cost includes the APR which also includes the nominal interest rate and the various application fees.

Loans for Protested Without Assignment

If we already have a non-renewable fifth sale or if there is no possibility of obtaining it for various reasons, there may be further solutions to obtain a loan.

Let’s see in detail which loans for protested without a salary transfer we could use to obtain the necessary liquidity.


Personal loans for protesters

Personal loans for protesters

Getting a personal or finalized loan would seem difficult but we could make a special attempt for small amounts.

The financial companies in the preliminary phase carry out the questioning on various databases but it is not certain that they will all see the situation regarding the protests.

So it’s still worth trying if you have nothing to lose. There are no financials for specific protests but we try to evaluate maybe a bank where we are already customers.


Protested loans: private loans.

private loan

Another solution could be to request a loan between private individuals where it is likely that the inquiry during the preliminary investigation of the databases is a little softer than financial companies.

There are many authorized platforms in Italy that provide this type of financing.

Read our article on private loans to learn more.

Loans between private persons also means any request for liquidity made to relatives or friends who may be available for money, perhaps with a private guarantee.


Loans changed to protested


Another financing formula which we could access in the event of complaints for a protest is that of a loan.

However, obtaining a loan with a protested loan is not so simple given that this loan is based on the guarantee given by the bills of exchange, whose non-payment leads to the raising of the protest.

In this case, the financial company may decide not to provide the loan as we have already demonstrated in the past that it did not comply with a credit title such as a check or a bill of exchange.

In any case it is good to compare with the financial company that provides this type of loans for a prior assessment.

What is taking a mortgage consolidation loan?

The consolidation loan and its variation, i.e. the mortgage consolidation loan, is increasingly used for debt relief in Poland. It is not as widespread as a “classic” consolidation loan, so it’s worth familiarizing yourself with its definition and specifics. The consolidation loan itself is already quite well known among Poles. It is a tool that both banks and loan companies offer – and although the mechanism governed by a consolidation loan is the same, the terms and conditions for granting it can vary, and significantly. Banks rarely agree, for example, to consolidating liabilities from parabanks, such as very popular payday loans. On the other hand, non-bank institutions have no problem with this, and they are more liberal in their approach to creditworthiness and sources of income. Of course, something for something – in this case we will face a much higher interest rate, commission and possible additional fees. So today we will find out what a mortgage consolidation loan is, how it differs from “ordinary” consolidation, who can apply for it and what conditions must be met if we want to get it. We invite you to read!

What is the difference between a mortgage and cash consolidation loan?

What is the difference between a mortgage and cash consolidation loan?

Mortgage consolidation loan – who has heard of it, who took advantage of it? To start with, we must pay attention to a fact that not everyone remembers: consolidation loans are divided into two basic types. The first of these is the most common and best known, i.e. cash consolidation loan, which we usually receive for a shorter period, a smaller amount and within relatively small collateral. Sometimes, an ID card and income statement and verification at the Credit Information Bureau are enough (although the latter is not always required). The second, less popular type is a mortgage consolidation loan – it is granted for a longer period, with lower interest rates and for higher amounts, but with the necessity of securing in the form of a mortgage our property. Most importantly, however, the property in question can no longer be charged with another mortgage. Is a mortgage consolidation loan a good proposition for those who want to improve their financial standing? Doesn’t it mean even greater risk due to the need for real estate collateral? Is he able to help someone who has debt problems and wants to get out of them at all costs? Mortgage consolidation loan – let’s take a closer look at it.

What is loan consolidation?

What is loan consolidation?

What we have to say to ourselves at the beginning is that, in general, a mortgage consolidation loan has the same mechanism as a cash consolidation loan. The most important issue here is of course the form of securing such an obligation and the consequences it entails. So let’s start with the basics, i.e. remembering what credit consolidation is all about. In a nutshell, it is a combination and repayment of our existing liabilities by a new lender and a kind of “replacement” of the old loan with a new one – this time, however, with a lower, easier to pay installment. But in turn – let’s first remember what consolidation is all about (and consequently also the mortgage consolidation loan ). We can divide it into three steps:

  1. Adding up credit products that you want to consolidate – they may include both cash loans and installment loans, as well as credit card and debit card debt, account limits and, depending on the conditions set by the bank or loan company, also payday loans and loans parabankach. Here, the rules may differ depending on the institution that will provide us with financing. If the bank agrees to grant consolidation for payday loans from loan companies, it is usually subject to the consolidation of at least one product from a traditional bank.
  2. Your debt is repaid to a new lender – so you take out a new loan, but thanks to it you are finalizing those that have previously kept you awake at night. This is a kind of “blank card” that should help organize financial affairs. Therefore, the mortgage consolidation loan fulfills such a function.
  3. The resulting amount is divided by the number of installments during which you commit yourself to pay back the new debt. It is important that the amount of the individual installment is acceptable for you and possible to pay monthly without any problem. Remember that the longer the repayment period, the lower the installment. Another important information is the fact that banks and loan companies earn on interest and fees added to each installment, so extending the repayment period to the maximum also results in an increase in the total repayment amount. It is worth paying attention to it and possibly adjusting the number of installments – if of course we can afford it. However, if the mortgage consolidation loan is our only option, we must accept the costs of such a solution.

As you can see, the procedure governed by a mortgage consolidation loan is not particularly complicated and coincides with the mechanism of any other consolidation. Changes occur at the level of securing such financing.

Securing the consolidation loan with a mortgage

Securing the consolidation loan with a mortgage

In the case of a cash consolidation loan, the main collateral for the loan is our income. Therefore, its amount will be relatively low and the repayment period will be relatively short. However, when we are interested in larger amounts spread over a longer period of time, the solution will be a mortgage consolidation loan. His collateral will be the mortgage of our property. Importantly, the property in question cannot have another mortgage or easement. We must also remember about much more complicated procedures for granting such financing. Of course, we must have a notarial deed of real estate, which is to be a collateral for the loan, in addition its professional valuation will be required. The valuation of such property is usually made by an appraiser appointed by the bank, while the cost of this valuation lies with the borrower. In addition, standard credit procedures, such as a certificate of income from the employer, calculation of creditworthiness and verification of us in databases such as Retro or Astro also apply here.

Mortgage consolidation loan – is it worth it?

Mortgage consolidation loan - is it worth it?

So, as you can see, the mortgage consolidation loan has the same rules as traditional consolidation loans, but its specificity – i.e. significant amount of liability and extended repayment period – results in a more difficult, complicated and time-consuming procedure for granting it. However, if you have unencumbered property – a plot, a house, a flat, a business premises or a hall – a mortgage consolidation loan is undoubtedly an option to consider.


Online Loan in Any Bank – Money

In the near future, a new system is planned to appear, with the help of which any citizen of Russia will be able to fully use all banking services, including taking a loan, using a device with Internet access. To do this, you will need to go through identification once in the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA). Registration in it resembles registration on the portal GosSlug. So far, this possibility is under development at the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation

The authors of the project assume that with the approval in the government of the resolution developed by them, the bill can be passed already at the beginning of this summer. Then the system can earn, and citizens can get a loan online at any bank, already this or next year.


Registering in the system

Registering in the system


Previously, the innovation should work as follows: after registering in the system, the user receives registration data, which in the future can be used to contact any credit organization that is present in the system directory to request a particular banking service. At the moment, according to representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, the bank and the client are not configured to have such a relationship. The client needs to arrive at the organization unit with a certain package of documents so that he can surely confirm his identity and intentions to use this or that service.

The main ideas of this project are to increase the availability of financial services for the population and develop a more competitive financial environment.

Indivision Loan – Mortgage Brokerage and Credit Redemption

When several people (cohabitants, friends, colleagues.) buy a property in joint ownership, they can also obtain a property credit in joint ownership. Can this type of financing be pooled?

When several people (cohabitants, friends, colleagues ...) buy a property in joint ownership, they can also obtain a property credit in joint ownership. Can this type of financing be pooled?

Real estate credit in joint ownership: what is it?

A real estate credit in joint ownership is a loan to finance the acquisition of an immovable property. That is to say, a fixed-rate mortgage, variable or captive, contracted by several people (co-owners). This type of financing must be repaid by the co-borrowers. The amount of the installments is determined according to the effective investment of each co-owner (50-50, 60-40, 70-30). The conditions for obtaining a housing loan in joint ownership are the same as for a mortgage loan contracted by a married couple, a real estate company or a single person. Indivision housing credit is a collective credit, therefore, no banking transaction can be carried out without the agreement of all co-borrowers regardless of their shares.

Indivision credit: the specificities to know

If the property credit in joint ownership is the best alternative for the cohabitants wishing to become owners in all serenity, it is essential to know some specificities before launching. In an undivided acquisition, the distribution is recorded in the deed of ownership. Thus decision-making takes place unanimously. That is to say, in case of disagreement or separation, a reasonable solution can only be found with the agreement of all the co-owners. However, according to the civil code, the partition can always be caused by selling the real estate or by opting for a redemption of balance (redemption of share). For the group loan, the lenders include in most indivision loan agreements a solidarity clause between the co-borrowers. This means that the co-owners are jointly and financially responsible. Thus, in the event of litigation, the lender may legally demand the repayment of the remaining outstanding capital of outstanding loans to any of the co-borrowers.

Loan purchase in joint ownership: how is it going?

Loan purchase in joint ownership: how is it going?

Like a conventional housing loan, the joint real estate loan can be the subject of a consolidation of real estate loans. However, as this type of financing is a collective debt, the pooling of credits in joint ownership requires the consent of all co-borrowers. The criteria for granting this loan pool remain the same as for a conventional loan buyback, the repayment capacity of each co-borrower is calculated according to its borrower profile (financial and professional situation, bank history, file) . For credit insurance, most credit institutions require mortgage insurance with a mortgage guarantee or bond.