Modular Loan – Flexible Credits

In a real estate loan, the flexible option allows the borrower to readjust his repayment expenses to his finances or projects. Is this option compatible with credit consolidation? What is a flexible credit? A flexible credit is generally fixed rate, it is an option that gives the possibility to control its reimbursement expenses. This option […]

Leasing loan – an alternative to credit or leasing

Leasing loans are granted by leasing companies, not banks. You can find them in the offer of the largest lessors, such as DER, Getin Leasing or LTY Leasing. Last year, leasing companies granted loans worth PLN 7.4 billion – over 14% more than a year ago. The most frequently financed in this way are machines […]

Mortgage Loan Official – Mortgage Loan Simulation

For employees in the public service, the criteria for accepting a mortgage are identical to those of a private sector employee. However, government profiles can claim more attractive terms. Civil servant: the options to become owner Public servants who want to buy a home have two options. The first is to deploy one’s own financial […]

What is taking a mortgage consolidation loan?

The consolidation loan and its variation, i.e. the mortgage consolidation loan, is increasingly used for debt relief in Poland. It is not as widespread as a “classic” consolidation loan, so it’s worth familiarizing yourself with its definition and specifics. The consolidation loan itself is already quite well known among Poles. It is a tool that […]

Indivision Loan – Mortgage Brokerage and Credit Redemption

When several people (cohabitants, friends, colleagues.) buy a property in joint ownership, they can also obtain a property credit in joint ownership. Can this type of financing be pooled? Real estate credit in joint ownership: what is it? A real estate credit in joint ownership is a loan to finance the acquisition of an immovable […]