Loans for Protested Without Assignment

If we already have a non-renewable fifth sale or if there is no possibility of obtaining it for various reasons, there may be further solutions to obtain a loan.

Let’s see in detail which loans for protested without a salary transfer we could use to obtain the necessary liquidity.

Personal loans for protesters

Getting a personal or finalized loan would seem difficult but we could make a special attempt for small amounts.

The financial companies in the preliminary phase carry out the questioning on various databases but it is not certain that they will all see the situation regarding the protests.

So it’s still worth trying if you have nothing to lose. There are no financials for specific protests but we try to evaluate maybe a bank where we are already customers.

Protested loans: private loans.

Another solution could be to request a loan between private individuals where it is likely that the inquiry during the preliminary investigation of the databases is a little softer than financial companies.

There are many authorized platforms in Italy that provide this type of financing.

Read our article on private loans to learn more.

Loans between private persons also means any request for liquidity made to relatives or friends who may be available for money, perhaps with a private guarantee.

Loans changed to protested

Another financing formula which we could access in the event of complaints for a protest is that of a loan.

However, obtaining a loan with a protested loan is not so simple given that this loan is based on the guarantee given by the bills of exchange, whose non-payment leads to the raising of the protest.

In this case, the financial company may decide not to provide the loan as we have already demonstrated in the past that it did not comply with a credit title such as a check or a bill of exchange.

In any case it is good to compare with the financial company that provides this type of loans for a prior assessment.