In the near future, a new system is planned to appear, with the help of which any citizen of Russia will be able to fully use all banking services, including taking a loan, using a device with Internet access. To do this, you will need to go through identification once in the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA). Registration in it resembles registration on the portal GosSlug. So far, this possibility is under development at the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation

The authors of the project assume that with the approval in the government of the resolution developed by them, the bill can be passed already at the beginning of this summer. Then the system can earn, and citizens can get a loan online at any bank, already this or next year.


Registering in the system

Registering in the system


Previously, the innovation should work as follows: after registering in the system, the user receives registration data, which in the future can be used to contact any credit organization that is present in the system directory to request a particular banking service. At the moment, according to representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, the bank and the client are not configured to have such a relationship. The client needs to arrive at the organization unit with a certain package of documents so that he can surely confirm his identity and intentions to use this or that service.

The main ideas of this project are to increase the availability of financial services for the population and develop a more competitive financial environment.

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